Zwift Plus Workout

Zwift Plus Workout

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Zwift Workouts has gone to a new level with Ventouro. 

Zwift Plus Workouts let you workout in your own home but with a Ventouro Pro Coach guiding you through the entire session. 

Your Ventouro Pro Coach will be on the bike with you giving you tips and encouragement as you workout. You can ask questions and get instant feedback with small groups in each session.

Workouts are set to your own ability so it doesn't matter if it's you are just starting out or an avid rider it's all in together. 

Buy one, or multipack deals and start making the most out of your Zwift sessions. 

Sessions are currently run on Wednesday & Thursday mornings at 6 am NZT, and also some Saturday mornings at 7 am. 

Book your slot direct with us via